Why you need a video for your business, by Chris Deakin, Bolton
3rd September 2013
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At Chris Deakin Productions we have been lucky enough to have been producing a broad variety of projects, spanning from; feature films to educational inter-active dvd's to  documentaries to internet videos for many years, and during which we have witnessed an incredible amount of changes. Let's have a look at why videos have become paramount for most companies.



Online video is gaining momentum every year, and is now established in marketing’s mainstream.

People are spending more time online, and the web has become an 'open book to the world' for everyone, and videos give great opportunities and results to businesses, marketers and advertisers.  Just look at the way You Tube now works!

People tend to click on videos more than clicking on image links.

Videos give a perfect opportunity for businesses to demonstrate their services and portray their image or message in a short video delivered in a professional manner, and it is a way of building your online brand.

'Video advertising' is a great way of offering and presenting your business in a professional manner, and videos are more attractive and appealing than other presentation methods. (Once upon a time, only ITV and cinemas could offer this service)

Networking online has now become essential and it goes hand in hand with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and web exposure. Videos are being shared online all the time and you can share a video through most of the networking sites, (Facebook etc) and before you know it your video has been viewed around the world .  Due to the high demand for videos, it has attracted many businesses onto YouTube who use this platform to market and promote their services online.

A well-made online video will enhance your website, and it doesn't end there.

You can use videos in so many different ways and formats.  Its flexibility in uses are almost endless.


Here are some ways of using videos online:-


Adverts: Video adverts are one the most effective ways of using videos online, and the films usually have a long shelf life reaching many people worldwide (not just locally) making them exceptional value for money.

E-commerce: You can make videos of your products in order to assist selling by showing your prospective clients how they work and the benefits they offer.

(Having a video is the next best thing to having someone by your side explaining).

Testimonials: You can record your customers testimonials on a video share them online or on networking sites, along with having video feedback on your website.

Company Message: You could produce a short video, giving an insight and an over view of your company, along with its key messages, mentioning your services and products.

Demonstration: You can make a video of how to assemble your products. This can assist in being part of your customer service plan, or should a customer have a question, you can answer generic questions with a video.

Case Studies: Many companies are also now recording their case studies in videos, to assist other customers, and to consolidate your products and services.

Training: Online video training is, and in my opinion has been, one of the best uses of video, saving time and assisting with all your establishment and legal training requirements.

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