Why you need a professional business photo shoot with Ruaux Photography
21st August 2013
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Have you sat for a professional business photo shoot with Ruaux Photography yet? If not, then it’s definitely something to think about doing.

Having a professional photograph or 3 adds real credibility to your business. They’ll make any marketing material or publicity you use them on stand out from the crowd. You can use them almost anywhere, on social media, on letterheads, website about us pages, posters, the list is almost endless. It’s easy for other people to share photos too, through sites like pinterest and instagram.  A photo is what the eye is drawn to first on a page so it’s important to get them right.

Google now picks up photographs and the keywords associated with it and will show them in relevant searches. This means you’ll get more click throughs to your website when you have photographs.

It’s easy enough to take your own photos of course, but you won’t be able to edit them or have the same lighting available that Ruaux Photography do.

If you’re a tradesmen having a photo shoot it’s a good idea to bring some props with you. That way, you can instantly tell when you look at the photo which business sector you’re in. A builder could bring a hard hat a mechanic could bring a spanner and so on. Ruaux Photograph have took many of the photos you can see on our members’ pages, on our billboards and in our handy blue book.

Trust me when I say that having a photo shoot is never as scary as it sounds. When I went for my shoot I was nervous about being in front of the camera but Margaret and David put me at ease straight away. I posed in a variety of positions and places and with a multitude of props to get the perfect shot. The end result, as you can see from my profile picture below, are excellent. When you’re writing anything for your company, especially a blog, it helps to create a relationship with the person reading it when you have a professional photo to go with it, and not just a generic avatar.

So clear half an hour in your schedule (a photo shoot doesn’t take very long at all) and have a professional business photo shoot with Ruaux Photography. Their telephone number is 01204 689588. 

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