Why workers need snacks to increase productivity
13th August 2013
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If you’re finding that your employee’s productivity is decreasing, especially after lunchtime, then you’re not alone. A recent survey has found that 57% of people who work in offices buy their own snacks, so have to leave the office for a cake run or similar up to 5 times a day. 50% of people said they have to go out at least once a day.

This adds up to over a million hours of lost productivity every year. Therefore businesses need to think of ways to keep employees motivated and keep their eyes on the job. Well enjoying a snack from Snack in the Box may well do that.

They have a choice of products including Mars, Snickers, Walkers and more. There’s a free refilling system, free delivery and you only pay for what you use. When lunchtime seems a distant memory and dinner’s a couple of hours away order from Snack in the Box and keep the munchies at bay.  

If you can’t leave the office then not to worry, because Snack in the Box will come to you. They deliver across Bolton, Wigan, Preston, Rossendale, Accrington, Burnley and Blackburn.  Snack in the Box can deliver to garages, offices, staff rooms, workshops or anywhere else where there are workers that need snacks. Contact them on 01204 684075.




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