Why should you use winter tyres? Whitecroft Garage, Bolton, explain.
5th December 2013
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You can’t have failed to notice the bad weather we’ve had recently, although thankfully it hasn’t snowed in Bolton (yet). Which gives you plenty of time to start making arrangements for winter driving.

In 2013, over 7,000 motorists had to ring the AA because they were stuck in mud, ice or snow, and a similar number of call outs are expected this year by the AA and other breakdown companies.

Most of these motorists needed assistance because their car had come off the road after skidding on ice. But apparently 50% of these incidents could have been prevented if the car had been looked after properly.

Winter tyres are another way of avoiding these situations happening. Some people think that if they’ve got an SUV they’ll be ok if it snows, but actually accidents involving SUV’s on summer tyres in slippery conditions are worse than those in a standard car because they weigh more.  It’s not the type of car that makes a difference when driving in winter, but the tyres on the car.

Despite what a lot of people think, you can use winter tyres (or cold weather tyres to give their correct term) all year round. This is because their tread compound has been made to generate grip at under 7 degrees Celsius. If they go higher than that temperature they won’t come apart. You will notice better braking control, increased grip and better traction.

The only consequence of winter tyres is they’ll be noisier than normal tyres, decrease your fuel economy and wear more slightly more quickly but if maintained properly should still last for a number of years.   If you do replace winter tyres with summer tyres as most people choose to do, stack them flat on the ground so the tread is not face down.

There are lots of different price options available for winter tyres, and Whitecroft garage can advise you on the best options. Winter tyres are a worthwhile investment though when you consider how much more it would cost for accident repairs and the peace of mind winter tyres will bring if you live in a rural area with lots of hills and winding roads.

Some insurance companies ask that you tell them if you fit winter tyres on your car, so check with your provider.

Whitecroft Garage can arrange for practically any vehicle to have winter tyres fitted. All you need to do is book an appointment with them and they’ll do the rest. Don’t forget though that Whitecroft can also conduct MOT’s, servicing, vehicle diagnostics, test air conditioning and warranty work.


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