Why should landlords have their carpets cleaned?
12th June 2014
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Revive Carpets are one of the best carpet cleaners in Bolton. In their new blog Les Coupe who runs the company talks about why landlords should have their carpets deep cleaned. 

It has become apparent to me that landlords of residential properties have very different attitudes when it comes to cleaning the carpets at the end of a tenancy. At one end of the spectrum, some seem to think that just going round with a vacuum cleaner themselves will suffice, reluctant to spend anything more than an absolute minimum on maintaining their property; whereas at the other end of the scale, others will call me in to have the carpets in the whole house deep cleaned from top to bottom every time there is a change of tenant.

Why do I mention this you may ask? Well, apart from the obvious that it generates business for me if a landlord has the carpets cleaned, there are significant benefits for the landlord too. The Letting Agents tell me that a deep cleaned property always re-lets far more quickly than one that has just been vacuumed and they are more likely to get the full rent they are asking. Not only that, but a carpet that is deep cleaned on a regular basis will last years longer.

So, there is a financial benefit for the landlord too. In the short term, if a property that has been deep cleaned re-lets even one week earlier than one that hasn’t, it will in most cases, recoup the cost of the cleaning; and longer term, the cost of replacing the carpets is deferred. 

Should you have a property you rent out, or know someone who does, think about the longer term benefits that a comparatively small investment can have.

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