Why professional photographs are important for your business
11th November 2016
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Marketing is about displaying one’s goods and services in such a way as to maximise the understanding of prospective customers about who you are, what you have to offer, and how your offerings may be purchased.

The benefits of excellent marketing are many, increased turnover, higher visibility, and better profits.


Professionalism. The way that a business represents itself pictorially is how it will be perceived by those who may be interested in doing business with it. A shoddy picture that is poorly taken, badly composed, and looks amateurish will portray the business in a poor light. Where businesses are making use of a web-site in their marketing a great image can be the difference between having a well-represented business and not as web-sites can be seen by anyone worldwide. A professional photographer will use top quality equipment and processes to capture the desired image, they will then tweak the image until it is exactly right before uploading it on line.

Stand out from the rest, make your brand unique, use powerful images, and professional flair to add the extra edge. Poor quality images and Stock images downloaded from the web will not give you the individuality that your company requires, and you may infringe copyright. Refreshing the web-site with high quality images to remove any staleness is easier when you have a professional working with you.

It is more Cost Effective, whatever you make or supply that is your specialty, a professional photographer will enable you to do what you do best whilst they get on with the work in hand. By using a professional the chances of creating a smart web-site or other branding image it is more likely to succeed in driving up business.

Attention grabbing, is of prime concern, a (good) picture is worth a thousand words. With a professional eye the chances of obtaining a truly sharp and attractive image is far more likely. Websites and similar marketing devices using professional images receive over 90% more views than those without.

By using professional photographs, business operators will project the brand/image to a far wider audience. The company branding will grow as more and more people associate your business with specific benefits through the images displayed.

Clarity, it is easier for anyone to glance at a photograph and gain product information than it is to read an article. Images and photos will clarify the copywriting content and ensure that the information provided is absorbed easily by the reader. Utilising photos in your web-site will break the layout and make it easy for readers to seek out important information.

The Personal touch, our top quality professional photographers will offer their professional advice and guidance in the creation and optimum use of the images to achieve the best results possible.

We have two amazing photographers recommended on thebestof bolton who can provide professional photos for your business, Ania Pankiewicz Photography and Julie Lomax Photography, you can read more about them  here.


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