Why Paper Matters
3rd May 2017
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Does paper matter? Don’t we aspire to a paper-free society?

The answer is that paper really does matter because ‘hard copy’ is still valued in society, and more so in commerce.

The team at Copy Print Services spend their time helping customers to transfer thoughts, ideas, plans and marketing materials on to paper, because hard copy sells.

Marketing for many businesses is still heavily reliant on the printed word, the readily identifiable logo, and the subtle ‘sell’ that is part of the warp and the weft of marketing: - saying who you are, saying what you have to offer and at the correct price, and where people can buy your wares.

So, what can Copy Print Services do for you?

Provide a comprehensive and well thought out printing solution, they hold stocks of top-line photocopiers that are ultra-high tech and can produce very professional results that will support one’s business with crisp precise copy.

However, without the correct paper we risk spoiling the ship for a hapeth of tar. Having acquired excellent technology does it not make sense to buy the right quality of paper?

  • Copy paper for those internal memos, varied colours as required. Flimsy’s are just that copy paper, but that same paper should not go to your valued customers.
  • Top-copy paper, crisp and with a good feel, not too expensive but great for mail shots. Many people still like to see business letters on white paper but coloured papers are available for the fashionable businesses who wish to impress their style upon the recipient.
  • Top quality heavy paper for the executive, and people that one wishes to really impress. Too expensive to use for everyday perhaps but will make a good impression.

Copy Print Services can tell you about the correct quality of paper in conjunction with the Photo Copying equipment that they own, or plan to purchase or lease. Copy Print Services will advise on the types of paper, the colours available/advisable, and the impact value of the combined results, they will be able to demonstrate the quality of results that can be achieved and the correct combination for one’s individual needs.

Plus, business users who need to print larger scale print runs for posters, or for photocopying maps, plans and drawings etc. can be advised about how best to meet their needs.

If you would like any more information about Copy Print Services, give them a call on 01204 572172


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