Why Messy Play can help your children!
20th April 2017
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For younger children, and a few older ones, messy play is a good deal of fun and games frequently employed by Nurseries to entertain their charges, but what are the benefits?

Physical development is improved.

Children love being busy, given the right tools – safe and carefully designed, they are helped to develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination through manipulation. Plus, building stacks, pouring liquids and solids, and using a spoon all build up layers of useful knowledge. Supervised use of cutting implements, tongs, and writing with shaving cream all help with their development. Hands-on play provides the opportunity to feel and understand different materials, wet and dry for example. Personal space and interpersonal awareness can also be gained.

Communications and Language development,

There are many opportunities to speak and listen whilst playing. Learning to share and cooperate, for some this will be a new experience, learning to play together is a positive gain in terms of emotional and social growth. The use of letter play begins an understanding of the written word.

Personal development,

Messy play allows children to grow in confidence and self-esteem through play. Being able to have fun sloshing about with materials that may not available at home and without fear of making a mess is a great freedom.

Cognitive development through guided messy play is a developmental positive. This enables the child to learn mathematical concepts at an early stage using measures, adding blocks, measuring water or sand etc., and helps to develop a logical thinking process.

Creative development can be achieved using paints, fabrics, glues, making collages and pictures.

All of which builds on the child’s desire to learn by doing fun things. The child that can play in this way will be better prepared for the next levels of education.

In addition, messy play crosses all boundaries, children of all abilities can play together including those for whom language may be a problem, and children with special needs can be fully integrated.

Messy Play is fun and it really does help children to develop better.

Queensbrook Nursery is a fantastic nursery in Bolton that promotes Messy Play for children! If you would like any more information about them, give them a call on 01204 776582


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