Why Local PR beats National PR
22nd March 2017
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We believe in Buy Local, but why is Public Relations at a Local Level better than National? 

‘Local people understand what makes me ‘tick’ and what my customers want’, and it is easier to reach local people using a more direct approach than by long distance communication.

Here are few thoughts about why working with Angela Kelly our 

Local Freelance Journalist and Media Consultant is Bette

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Local is more attainable
. People can deal with a much smaller news market, and there are smaller publications, niche magazines, and other media outlets that you can try pitching to. Your company is also more relevant to a local publication. You can slant your story to being a community business doing great things.

Trying to get to know local journalists is much e

asier, given the opportunity for local networking.

Once you’ve made contact use your local newspaper, blog or magazine, it’s easier to step-up to a regional publication and try for PR there. From there, make your way to the major players. It’s simply a matter of having a strategy to make the right moves.

Manager/owners need to spend some serious time reading articles written by someone who’s a good fit for your story. Read the newspapers online so you can comment on their stories. Connect to influential people through LinkedIn. Seek contacts at a local networking event.

Employ the services of a Professional PR specialist to work the scene for you, in the long run it is more simple and a good deal more effective.


Angela Kelly writes for Regional and National Media and is an 

honorary member of the National Union of Journalists. She also helps business clients with PR throughout the North West.

Angela writes regularly for different magazines and newspapers, with a keen eye for a great story. Her writing style is award winning, concise and business like!

Develop a local context, the more you can tie your news into your community, the more likely your story is to get noticed. For example, donating part of your time or profit to a local charity is an instantly attractive story, or participating in a community event. Find ways to link into what’s going on around you.

If you would like to get in touch with Angela Kelly and find out how she can help you, give her a call on 01204 495552

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