Why is Play so important for Children?
14th October 2016
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Children love to learn. From the moment they can crawl they are able to play and then the fun starts. Children learn through play, conversely the child that does not play will struggle to learn.

What is gained through play?

Safe guided play develops confidence in the child and encourages their imagination to flourish. Through physical activity children are allowed to experiment and try new things, as they play they learn and gain confidence through overcoming their fears. It has been shown that when a child is physically active and successful in their movements, they show higher levels of self-esteem and a great sense of accomplishment. Guided play can enhance the social awareness of the child enabling them to have an easier experience when they do eventually enter the school system.

Play helps to develop key motor and athletic skills. Children will develop and grow without even realizing it! When they touch their toes, they learn about co-ordination, balance and spatial relationships. When they play with a ball, they strengthen their fine-motor skills and when they dance, they learn about rhythm and move to the beat. A great deal depends upon the age group of the child, however, gaining and maintaining fitness through play mediums like dance, movement, games and outdoors play-when the weather permits-all help to develop stamina and good physical health.

Guided play with others teaches teamwork and good sportsmanship. Depending on their age children get to interact with each other in a social, non-competitive environment. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose at this stage it is about working together, trying their best and having fun. For example, activities as simple as playing with a parachute in a gym setting are not as effective unless all children are participating. In order to create “waves” with the parachute – or the game “cat and mouse” – everyone needs to take part and own a specific role. In team sports such as soccer, children build off each other’s strength and successes and cheer each other on. They need to learn to work together to move across the field and score an awesome goal.

Guided play can build strong bonds between adults and children. When parents or play leaders join in the fun by playing along with them not only are children learning crucial physical skills, they’re also clocking more quality time interacting with those adults. Parents, too, are more engaged in their children’s lives. When parents are actively playing with their child instead of simply observing, this really can be a strong bonding process that also allows them to understand what their child loves most.

Play makes kids happy. As many experts will tell you, play is like children’s work. Play allows children to socialize, develop, and learn new skills whilst learning about themselves and others. They are able to develop a daily routine that doubles as the perfect start to a healthy, active lifestyle in a natural and fun way.

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