Why is a work uniform important?
29th September 2016
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Generally speaking a uniform makes a statement about the person wearing it and about the organisation that employs him or her.

Certain sectors are expected to be uniformed, people working in hospitals for example can tell at a glance who does what and at what level simply by the uniform they wear, senior nurse, junior nurse, sister etc. Similarly, people serving as police officers and military personnel all wear uniform in order to maintain the order that is implied. Personal clothing would be inappropriate and would diminish their status and collapse under the heavy wear and tear that they may be subjected to.

Industry is turning to the use of uniform more and more now with many people in the retail sector, the security organisations, delivery and repair companies using them, and many other public facing services, part of the rational is that customers can identify staff members more easily, have more confidence in doing so, and many such organisations are using the uniform as an advertising asset, it is quite common now to see a company sweat shirt with the ‘special offer of the day’ emblazoned across the back.

In some organisations the wearing of the uniform, applying the corporate image, gives staff a sense of ownership of the brand. There is less wear-and-tear on street clothes, and employers can ensure that staff members are appropriately dressed. The policy also enables employers to employ due diligence, where processes involve the risk of slips, trips and spillages, a petrol forecourt for example, uniform will include appropriate shoes, trousers and possibly gloves for the protection and wellbeing of the staff.

One aspect of uniforms in organisations is to foster camaraderie amongst fellow workers, and it enables employers to press home the requirement for staff to appear ready for work in a presentable state.

A uniform policy does remove the imbalance between people’s ability to pay for appropriate working garb, removing any sense of inequality amongst staff.

People wearing uniform tend to be more caring for their fellows and colleagues, they care not only for their growth but the growth of their peers as well. Uniforms are very important and foster traits that are very necessary for a person as an individual and an organisation as a whole to thrive and prosper.

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