Why is a soft play area good for your child
6th February 2015
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Proper nutrition and organic clothes are a necessity when it comes to your child’s health. But did you know that the play-time area can also be harmful to your child?

The soft play area is a great alternative to the traditional outdoor playing areas and are far better for your children’s health and we have a fantastic play centre in Bolton,  Fidgets Soft Play Centre

Active play is great for your children as it involves a lot of physical, mental and social activity. Outdoors areas are generally preferred, when it comes to socializing, but the soft play areas have been specifically designed to be safer and reduce the risk of injury. A great (and far safer) alternative to traditional tree-climbing is the indoor frame with a cushioned landing. It would make your child more comfortable, while helping them develop their sense of balance and coordination.

Games that include jumping over obstacles or involve careful stepping, on the other hand, are vital for your children’s sense of coordination. These can however, be quite dangerous, if your child is unattended. The soft play area minimizes the risk of injury, while letting your child have fun in a safe and stimulating environment.

Soft play areas are generally a great way for your children to entertain and socialize with one another. They're especially suitable for children with extra energy that need to let off some steam, and offer a wide range of different activities. They provide an opportunity for children from all ages to further develop their skills, while engaging in fun, physically, mentally and emotionally-stimulating activities. And the best part is that they’re specifically designed for children’s play, so you don’t need to worry about the noise!


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