Why do you need an environmental report?
13th August 2014
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As the bad weather continues to blight us, there have been reports of damages to buildings and valuables in Bolton and across the country. This damage could be costly to repair.

Although this weather is unusual it does show how important it is to have an environmental report completed before you buy a property. An environmental report can show whether a house is likely to be affected by water damage from rivers, the coast and surface water and how much it could be damaged.

If you’re buying a home with the help of a mortgage, your solicitor should tell you how important it is to get an environmental report and your mortgage lender might even say it’s compulsory. However a lot of people don’t want expensive searches carried out that prove to be expensive , especially if the premises is near the sea or a river.

Fieldings Porter will encourage all their clients to have an environmental report so they can be sure that they know as much about the property as possible.

As well as conveyancing, Fieldings Porter have other services available too, including litigation, personal injury and wills and probate. Call them on 01204 689623 to speak to one of their professional staff.

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