Why do you always have room for dessert?
16th May 2014
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Have you ever eaten so much you feel you’re on the verge of popping? Yet, the mere mention of dessert and you inexplicably find you could manage ‘just a tiny bit’ after all.  You ask around for who’s willing to share but by the time you’ve reviewed the dessert menu, sharing is no longer a consideration.

The problem you then face is how to accomplish the mission of sampling absolutely everything on the menu – without bursting the waistline and not to mention the bank account!

You may be surprised to learn you’re not alone and there is a scientific explanation to this phenomenon which some have dubbed “dessert stomach”.

Studies have found that once your body has its fill of all the calories and nutrients it needs for survival, the brain shifts into pleasure-eating mode.  So even though the body doesn’t need any more food, your brain is actually telling you it wants dessert.

As with everything, too much is not good for you and despite the physiological urge to order ‘one of each’ – control needs to be exercised.

The advice from the boffins is to limit your consumption of dessert so you eat within your limits.  However, the problem is that everybody’s limit is different.

Room Four Dessert in Bolton, claim to offer the solution with a selection of carefully portioned ‘shot’ desserts to tantalise the most demanding of taste buds.  Each shot promises to cater for the demands of the dessert connoisseur and with a variety to choose from, your brain will be no doubt be sent into overdrive!   How many and how much you savour is for you to decide.

Alternatively, if you have no limit, then Room Four Dessert also offer a wider selection of desserts, which can be shared (strictly optional) and enjoyed in the relaxing restaurant.  Coffee/tea lovers and even the savoury toothed among you will also have something to choose from.

So why not take the advice of the experts and treat yourself.  After all, there’s always Room Four Dessert.

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