Why commercial insurance is important for your business
19th October 2015
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However large or small, any Commercial Business really does need to have Commercial Insurance to protect it against the vagaries of modern day life.

Established businesses may have insurance but not be entirely sure what it covers, with the passage of time insurance that was state of the art a few years ago may now be much less efficient and in need of professional review.

Smaller businesses and indeed new start businesses, often led by visionary people who have had the guts to set up, can often be working on a shoe string and unsure about how wise it is to have ‘expensive’ insurance, doing without is a false economy.

Commercial Insurance, correctly planned by professional advisers in conjunction with the client is essential, it is vital legally in many cases and is totally cost effective in the long run.

Commercial and Business Insurance Brokers Bradshaw Bennett are specialist insurers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in setting up Insurance to their customer’s specification. Combined insurance for firms large and small covering Public Liability, Professional Liability, Property, factory or shop insurances as required are tailor made for their clients.

Operating without these is dangerous and in some cases illegal. Noncompliance with the insurance that is set up is very unwise, to say the least. Vehicle Insurances for fleets, motor trade and or individual users is available too, along with group travel insurance. Key person insurance where a business person or persons may be insured so that a business will not fold in the effect of their demise is worth looking at for any business.

Bradshaw Bennett have been in business for many years specialising in protecting businesses in Bolton and the rest of Lancashire. As a Bradshaw Bennett tailor-made client they take their client’s business so seriously that they operate their unique Business Guard service for their customers.

The Company is completely independent, has strong links with Lloyds of London enabling them to offer the very finest service, not only providing insurances but by giving excellent and appropriate advice. Customer service is key to the company, which is why they are pre-eminent in their field.

If you would like any more information about Bradshaw Bennett and the commercial packages they offer, give them a call on 01942 875145.

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