Why Choose Fitted Wardrobes Over Free-Standing Furniture, By Phase Two Bedroom Design
10th January 2013
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In relative terms, fitted wardrobes are a recent phenomena. The redesigning of bedrooms has been revolutionised by the inclusion of wardrobes that have been created specifically for you, and Phase Two are leading the pack here in Bolton.

The major benefit of choosing fitted wardrobes over their free-standing counterparts is control. Along with a designer, you can choose where they go, what they look like, and what they're made from. The storage can be tailored to your needs, so if shoe space is a problem, for example, this can be easily catered for.

It is a lot harder to modify an exisiting piece of furniture in order to make it fit your needs. But you are also then constrained by size, because if you find one you love, and it doesn't fit, then it is back to square one. Versatility is key with fitted wardrobes, as is design. Most bedroom designers will work with you to make it perfect, practically guaranteeing bespoke furniture.

Aesthetically, fitted wardrobes provide another advantage over free-standing pieces. Fitted wardrobes are created to blend in to the room, not just in terms of colour, but also design and style. It's much easier, and financially efficient, to design your wardrobes in fitting with the room rather than designing the room to match the free-standing wardrobe.

There is also much more scope for change with a fitted wardrobe. To alter them when redecorating is a simple process for skilled craftsmen such as those at Phase Two. But, with free-standing furniture, it will have to be a case of "out with the old".

Phase Two Bedroom Design have been established in Bolton for over 25 years, manufacturing and supplying high quality fitted bedrooms for customers across the area.

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