Why changing your mattress could help you get a good night's sleep
4th June 2014
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Are you not getting a good night’s sleep? Then it could be because you need a new mattress. Premier Stores explain when you should buy a new mattress below.

  • You should replace your new mattress every 7 years because keeping it any longer can cause aches and pains and make you sleep in the incorrect position. So if you’ve had your mattress longer than 7 years get a new one. 6 year old beds had wear and tear from movement, body weight and sweat.
  • If your mattress creaks or makes odd noises in the night it could need replacing.
  • Mattresses that look uninviting should definitely be changed.
  • Do you wake up in the mornings still feel tired and sore? A new mattress may be in order. Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed could make you lose 60 minutes of sleep every night.
  • Have a feel of your existing mattress. Does it feel lumpy and saggy? Buy a new one.
  • Do you have enough space to wriggle on your mattress? If not again you might need to purchase a new one.
  • Have you tried sleeping in a different bed and find you get a better nights kip? Then you probably need a new mattress.
  • 80% of people only spend 2 minutes or less trying out new beds, hardly long enough to test it properly.
  • Did you know that you spend over 120 hours in bed on average over the course of the year, so you need to ensure your bed is comfortable. In the USA, there was a 63% of people with back pain felt there was an improvement in their condition after getting a new mattress.
  • Shockingly the average bed has 10,000 house mites living in it which causes 2 million droppings.
  • Every £100 you spend only represents 4p per bed per night over 7 years. 
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