Why are Ruaux Photography the very best wedding photographers?
23rd April 2013
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Margaret and David, of Ruaux Photography, have been in the industry for many years and there isn’t much they haven’t photographed or seen.

Margaret and David photographed a wedding last December in the Lake District. Although they weren’t expecting it to be a nice day (it was winter after all) they did hope that it might be dry and bright.

How wrong they were!

On the day itself the wind was blowing a heavy gale. David had planned to get lovely shots of the bride and groom outside, but quickly realised that wasn’t going to happen. His quick thinking meant they took some outstanding shots elsewhere that still captured the moment perfectly.

This is a measure of David’s experience as a photographer. He has been working in photography for over 30 years. Less experienced photographers wouldn’t know the right angle and style for wedding guests to be positioned.

Margaret and David often become more then wedding photographers on the day. They turn into counsellors, hairdressers and more! When brides have last minute jitters Margaret is often on hand to calm them down before the ceremony.

Margaret and David’s hard work doesn’t stop after the ceremony either. Ruaux Photography put in a lot of effort behind the scenes to ensure photographs are of the highest quality. Often, they have taken so many gorgeous photos, guests don’t know which ones to pick. The developed prints are showcased in a beautiful album or DVD. Sometimes, Ruaux Photography’s customers wait a few months before collecting their pictures, and Margaret and David always save the pictures.

Ruaux Photography work with couples before their wedding as well. They know that on the big day itself people are nervous, so they always hold a pre wedding shoot. This is so the customers can get a feel of how the camera works, what facial expressions might work well etc. A wedding is something that should last for a lifetime after all, so it’s important to get it right.

Margaret is brilliant with computer design. She likes to add personal touches to the photos, like colourful headlines and borders. She spends many painstaking hours editing photographs and posters so they look right for their customers, often sacrificing family time in the evenings to make a photo look just right.

If you want Ruaux Photography for your wedding day, or any other special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, civil partnership or party, contact them on 01204 689588. 

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