Why are microchips important?
29th May 2014
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If you’ve got a pet, you probably already know how important having a microchip is.

Having a microchip means if your pet is ever lost, it’s a lot easier for you to be reunited with your furry friend. The microchip is implanted under the animal’s skin and contains your contact details so that once someone finds your pet, the vet can scan the chip and get them back to you.

Having a microchip implanted is a quick and pain-free procedure for a pet and by 2016 it will be compulsory for all animals to have one.

It's National Microchipping Month in June so visit the website for lots more information on microchips. 

Regans Vets can implant your pet with a microchip, so give them a call them on 01204 684014 to make an appointment with them. Throughout June they are chipping all dogs for FREE under the Dogs Trust Micro chipping campaign. Microchips are also FREE FOR ALL PETS as member of the ‘Healthy Pet Club’ which is their loyalty scheme open to all clients, new and old.

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