Who was St Valentine?
27th January 2015
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St Valentine did exist, he went against the Roman rulers of his day by who marrying people against Roman law. It was illegal to marry soldiers and Christians.

He eventually paid the ultimate price and when he came unstuck he wrote to his sweetheart saying I am ‘Your Valentine’. That is why to this day we send Valentines cards to those that we love, or would like to get to know better, many a long lasting relationship has been started by the sending of a Valentines card to an admirer.

Later, in the days of Chaucer, during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it was customary to express ones love by sending flowers or confectionery and greetings cards known as ‘Valentines.’ So the custom arose, and it is still a joyful celebration of love and cherishing between folks who otherwise might not be so bold. In our busy lives we may be neglectful of the one that we love. Valentine’s Day allows us to stop a moment and think warmly of that special person and to redress the situation.

St Valentine’s Day comes toward the end of winter and with it hope of new life, the gardens are full of crocuses and snowdrops, and the New Year is truly turning for the better. So, why not take the opportunity to pop along to your local card shop and search out a really lovely card that says how you feel, it shows that you really care. So much better than sending an e mail because it is a meaningful personal gesture.


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