Who Said Planning A Wedding Was Stressful? See What Our Members Have To Offer On Your Special Day
2nd July 2012
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Everybody loves a wedding. But not everybody loves to plan one. With the wedding season being upon us, and the weather being perfectly glorious for the occassion (a little optimism never hurt anyone), we've put together a handy guide to hopefully help you achieve the perfect day you and your partner deserve . . .

Looking Good : Sure, the promise to be with someone for the rest of your life is a pretty big thing, and yes, it's important, but what is more important is how the blushing bride looks on the day she makes that promise. The pre-wedding ritual is a favourite amongst brides and their guests, so allow us to suggest some fantastic options. Allure and Lasting Beauty have got all your make-up needs covered; make-up, tanning, threading, waxing, aromatherapy, nails, the list goes on-and-on. And, not forgetting the hair, John Julien International have got you covered.

And, to the men reading this, you've got to make an effort too. And, luckily for you, the businesses mentioned above can cater to the needs of the male population too.

"Who Are You Wearing?" : For red-carpet fashion at affordable prices, why not try Aults? Not only is their male wedding range renowned throughout the area, but they have now added women's evening wear to the selection. And what a selection it is, from bridesmaid dresses to mother-of-the-bride dresses, and clothes for every guest imaginable. With many options also available for hire, there really is no better choice.

That Winning Smile : No matter who you are, whether the bride and groom or the bride's mother's cousin's sister-in-law's nephew twice-removed, chances are you're going to be photographed at the wedding. Why not make an appointment at True Dentistry to make sure your smile is as dazzling as it can be.

Getting There And Back : Weddings are a great excuse to let down your recently-styled hair and have a fantastic time. Make sure that time isn't turned sour by poor travel arrangements. Egerton Cars and Rapid Private Hire offer a terrific service to take you to and from the event in style, comfort and luxury, without having to worry in the slightest.

Location, Location, Location : Bolton has some great wedding venues available to the public, with the Albert Halls and Bridge Conference Centre proving you don't have to look out-of-town for the perfect venue. Both have excellent teams ready to make sure your day goes exactly how you want it to.

More Dressing, Of The Room, That Is : Once you've chosen your venue, you've got to make it look the way you want it to. What colour? Tableclothes? Place cards? Love & Cherish can provide all these, and much more. And, for the balloons, why not use Walkden's Newsagents, where you can also hire their Pick & Mix stand, an excellent addition to any event.

Thanks For The Memories : When the day is done, and you return home to married life, you'll always remember your wedding day. We have a number of business that will help you preserve those memories in tangible forms. Ruaux Photography are the perfect professionals, with years of experience, excellent equipment, and unrivalled know-how. Apple Video, meanwhile, provide the same quality service only in moving form (pctures, that move, who would've thought it?).

Do Them A Favour : Bolton Hospice is an amazing charity doing some phenomenal work in the local community. For something a little different on your wedding day, the favours for your guests can be Hospice-related, providing fun whilst also raising some much needed money for charity. Favours include teddy bears, instand-win scratch-cards and pin badges.

Two Left Feet = Disaster : Imagine the scenario; the wedding is progressing better than you could ever have imagined, your other-half looks stunning, and the speech you gave had everyone comparing you to Winston Churchill. And then, the first-dance announcement is made. You rise and make your way to the dance-floor with a feeling of ill foreboding, your new spouse looks at you expectantly, and the music starts. You stumble, kick your partner, stand on their feet, and finally trip over, falling to the floor with your partner soon following . . .

This doesn't have to happen. So your dance moves aren't the best and you have been compared in the past to a drunken penguin, both Sandham's Dance Studio and Deryl Whittaker's Northern Academy Of Dance can turn you into the latest Baryshnikov, or at least someone capable of a desrving first dance.

Getting Wed Is Hungry Work : For some reason, one of the most prominent things in people's minds after a wedding is the quality of the food. Odd, but true. Delight your guests with catering from one of our members, all come with excellent testimonials from customers, and a great range of options; Carr's Pasties (a Bolton institution), Hunter's The Bakers (a bakery with distinction), Izabela's At Vanilla Red (providing buffets and three course meals), or Zest (with a huge range of tastes from across the globe).

So, whatever you plan on doing, wherever you plan on doing it, and whoever you plan on doing it with, have an unforgettable day . . .

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