Where can you buy reward charts for children?
30th August 2013
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Many parents have been in the same situation, looking for ways to tell a child well done for their good behaviour. With Toms Toys reward charts you can do just that.

They have a choice of reward stickers which start in price from the very reasonable £1.50. You can reuse them again and again on fridges, doors, bedroom walls, lunchboxes, anywhere your child would love to see them in fact. Toms Toys have stickers in a Toy Story, Disney princess, Thomas and friends, Peppa Pig, Fireman Sam and Disney Cars theme.

The reward charts come in all these designs too. As tasks are completed, just add a new picture to the chart. These reward charts are only £2.25 each but again will last a long time.

The responsibility chart is a really useful way of encouraging good behaviour. For only £20 it will last for a very long time. It comes with 90 different magnets for different tasks like having a bath, sharing and clearing the table. When you buy it you receive 2 reward points to use elsewhere on Toms Toys once you’ve banked enough of them.

Telephone Toms Toys on 07702 360 745 to find out more about all their products, which include wooden toys, arts and crafts, gadgets and party essentials. 

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