When did you last check your Portable Electrical Appliances for Damage?
20th December 2016
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Potentially dangerous electrical appliances can be a serious health hazard in our homes. Most people think of dangerous electrical appliances as ones that are old or that have obvious damage to them.

The startling fact is that any electrical appliance has the potential to cause a fatal electrical shock or serious damage.

PAT Testing is essential for commercial, industrial, office, hotel, B and B’s, and care sector premises who must make sure that PAT Testing is carried out regularly to ensure the safety of residents, staff, and their customers. PAT Testing Electricians will also carry out PAT standard testing on the same appliances in domestic homes to safeguard homeowners and their property.

PAT testing, (Portable Appliance Testing) is the formal testing of portable electrical equipment by inspectors to ensure that the optimum level of safety is maintained for the protection of every user.

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA) holds employers and persons using such equipment responsible for a Duty of Care for all persons affected by such products in the work place. The Management of Health and Safety Regulations 1999 requires Employers to undertake Risk Assessments to ensure that HASAWA is correctly observed and acted upon.

Because it is Law organisations must ensure that PAT Testing is carried out as part of a planned maintenance programme that is documented to provide a clear Due Diligence record.

All electrical appliances will deteriorate with use, wires become frayed, insulation can become frayed with use, PAT testing will identify these items and establish a course of remedial action or replacement.

Plugs and their corresponding sockets may become cracked and worn causing a potential risk.

Out dated and old fashioned appliances may be replaced when inspections are conducted, PAT Testing will bring these potential break-downs to light allowing for removal of the risk.

People occasionally abuse electrical products and attendant supplies, by using unauthorised multi-adapters for example causing a potential overload and the risk of fire. The PAT Tester will identify this and bring it to the notice of the home owners or business managers making it clear that the practice is unsafe and must not be continued.

Statistics show that of the approximately 80 deaths per annum that occur through electrical accidents, around half of these are due to faulty electrical appliances.

Regular PAT Testing reduces the risk of degradation of appliances. This is hugely cost effective in reducing the risk of breakdowns and the consequential repair costs.

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