What's the difference between brand, identity and logo?
23rd April 2015
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They say all good things come in threes, and they definitely do but did you know brand, identity and logo are all completely different?

So, here are some differences between the three to save you the confusion.


When we think of a logo, we think of an image and that’s right. A logo is a representation of your organisation via a symbol. It will usually have your organisation name, colours and any company emblems. The aim of a logo is to help make your business recognised – like with McDonalds, you’d notice the big yellow ‘M’ from a mile away!


Brand Identity

Brand identity is all about making everything recognisable to your customers, to raise awareness of the company mainly done by websites, brochures, signage etc.

In other words, brand identity is the way you want your business to be perceived by your customers.



Last but by no means least, brand. Brand is the personal relationship between the customer and the business, this is all about relationships and your emotional connections.

A brand is the internal outlook whereas logos and brand identity are more of an outside look.

First impressions really do count!


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