What To Wear On Holiday- The Do's and Dont's
12th August 2010
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Do's and Don’ts of holiday dress

Brits voted 'worst dressed on holiday'


According to a survey by Tripadvisor.co.uk "the British have been voted the worst-dressed on holiday". To be fair to our nation, we're not accustomed to long hot summers so our wardrobes aren't geared up for warm weather. We know we need to be cool and comfortable and that often takes priority, but with a little thought and effort we can learn to be more stylish in the sun.


Think comfort AND style

The body swells in the heat so do choose lightweight, natural fabrics but don't sacrifice style completely for comfort.

Do think about what clothes make you feel good; holidays are for relaxing but also for pampering and feeling good about yourself. Don't get lazy and fall into the ?baggier is better' trap.

Lighter shades and white can look great in sunnier climates but pastels and beige all over doesn't work for everyone and can wash you out completely. Don't forget to take your good colours with you. 

You do need shoes that are appropriate for the heat. If you don't like sand in your toes, wearing socks with your sandals is not the answer! It's either good flip flops or sandals with no socks, but if you really don't like them then get some lightweight plimsoles and wear tennis socks that don't go up the ankle.

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