What to think about before you change jobs
30th August 2013
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Are you looking for a career change?  Or are you desperate to get a job but don’t know where to begin? Well sit down, take a deep breath and don’t panic, because Good People Recruitment are here to help. Here’s what they suggest you should be thinking about when planning your next job move.

1)      What are your reasons for wanting to change? If it’s because you’re unhappy with your current role then have you considered asking to work on a new project or changing departments? It might also be because you don’t get on with your co-workers, are bored, you’re not progressing how you would like too or you just want a change.

2)      Are you really sure you want to change jobs? Don’t make a snap decision and consider all your options first

3)      Which job types appeal to you? Some people prefer to work on their own whilst others work best bouncing ideas round with a team. Some people hate travelling and prefer to stay in an office as others thrive on the adventure, figure out what applies to you.

4)      Do you want to carry on using your skills and capabilities? If you’ve spent years building up knowledge and experience are you sure you want all that to go to waste with a new career? There will of course be transferable skills with any new job, such as research work, writing, communicating so don’t forget about those when looking at job descriptions.

5)      What do you like doing? The old adage is if you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life. That isn’t true for many of us, so think carefully about what you enjoy.

6)      How much money would you like to earn? If you have a mortgage of family to support a drop in salary might have implications you hadn’t foreseen.

7)      Will you need to retrain to begin a new role? Many jobs have specific entry requirements or qualifications that you’ll need before you can be considered for a role. There are lots of places you can go to though for training, like Alliance Learning, Bolton College or Learning Unlimited.

Good People Recruitment are one of Bolton’s leading recruitment agencies and can help you find your next job. They will conduct assessments with you to see what your strengths are when working, run training programmes on team building and computer driving licenses, amongst other things, help you prepare your CV and interview techniques, and much more. 

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