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19th March 2013
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If you are looking for a new office space at the moment then you will know that there are lots of thing to consider before you rent or buy the space. 

Perhaps the most important factor of all is price. Things to think about are are you being paid for the space itself or the number of desks in the space? Does the cost of rent include business rates or are they a separate cost? What type of lease is available?

The old adage is Location, Location, Location and it really is essential to find the right area. Are there transport links close by? How will you and your employees get there? Are your competitors located nearby and if so, will this cause a problem?

If you are a firm with a small workforce, location may not be as big as an issue. But if you are a big business hoping to greet clients there in the future, then the local area should have good transport links and be in a nice area.

Don’t forget about the safety of your staff either. Is the area your business is in safe and they feel comfortable?

The inside of your business is an important consideration when choosing your new office location. Will your computers work in the space provided? Are the plug sockets easy to get to? Is your office serviced or do you want a blank canvas where you can choose your own providers?

Many business owners don’t think about internet speed. In rural areas especially, internet speed is often weak and unreliable.

You will need to consider employee lunch breaks and break areas. Do you need a small kitchen area with just a sink and kettle or a large cafeteria with lots of space for staff to socialise?

Security is a crucial part of looking after your business. If you share a location with other businesses then the other companies may have their own security systems such as a security guard or CCTV. Not everyone will need or want this added protection, but if you have expensive equipment or vital documents that need to be kept secure.

How much space your office will take up is a big decision. A carpet showroom will need more space than a stationary firm. Pillars might be a problem for some companies or a design feature for others. Are your offices accessible for disabled workers?

The layout of your office can influence how your staff work together. Imagining how you want your employees to work can help with the type of office you choose. A group of designers might want to look closely together but if you have lots of staff an open plan layout could be better.

Do you need plenty of light or just want workshop or storage space? Don’t forget that your business will hopefully grow in the future. If it does, do you have the option to expand? Are there extra or separate rooms available for meetings or meeting spaces available in the building you are in to rent?

There’s a lot to think about when choosing the right business space. It is vital for creating the right atmosphere for your clients and your employees. If you chose Bizspace, a specialist commercial and office space company, then you’ll have the experts on hand to get the best offers for your needs. 

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