What to consider when choosing a wet room by Posh Bathing
9th August 2013
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A wet room is a fabulous addition to any house, as Gary from Posh Bathing explains. Many people like to think that wet rooms are only for big, expensive houses, but this isn’t the case at all.

Wet rooms are far more accessible for less mobile people than normal bathrooms, but equally they do look fabulous if fitted correctly as well. Wet rooms have no barriers to overcome or size to consider.

Posh Bathing can advise you every step of the way, and can also include built in seating to give that spa feeling whilst bathing, and remember they we have been fitting bathrooms since 1988, from our showroom in Astley Bridge

A wet room is like bathing in the world’s biggest shower. You have plenty of room to scrub without catching your body on the sides of a bath or shower.

Posh Bathing will create features for you to walk in in your wet room. Perhaps you’d like some mosaic tiles. Not only do they look great, they are safer to shower in because they give your feet better grip.

Under floor heating is a good accessory to many bathrooms. It helps to dry the floor and is really comfy underneath your feet.

If it’s not possible to have level access in your wet room, Posh Bathing will simply raise the floor until it’s even, so it becomes a raised showering space over a dedicated area.

You shouldn’t sacrifice on style of your wet room. The range of showering solutions to compliment your new showering space is infinite, specifically designed accessories are a brilliant example of a modern bathrooms and wet rooms can come together with the additional extras some people may require. The grab bars are disguised as soap dishes for example.

To discuss your wet room plans, contact Gary at Posh Bathing on 01204 684538 and remember our home visit is free, and no obligation. The cup of tea is optional though!


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