What to consider when buying a photocopier
23rd May 2013
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There are lots of things to consider when buying a photocopier. John from Copy Print Services outlines them.

You would think that the first thing to consider is the price! It is not and here is why.

It is the long term cost and not the initial price (think about running costs). As your equipment will last 5-7 years it is this overall time frame that you need to be looking at in order to work out your costs.

The biggest factor is in fact how much will it be used? It is this that will focus which model will be right for you.

For example someone who only prints about 10 copies a month will probably need an entry level inkjet printer. Where a business that prints 5,000 colour copies a month would require a higher end laser printer/copier.

As a general rule if you spend more on your printer your running costs will be lower. In a lot of cases it is better to invest in the hardware to reduce your running costs.

What do you need to consider when buying a photocopier.

- What are you using your equipment for?

-Is it for black and white printing, colour or both?

- Will you be using A3/A4 or a mixture of both?

- Will you need to use it to Scan, Fax, print or all of them?

Back up service on your photocopier is important too.

-          Who will  repair, manage, maintain, and  supply toners

-          Are they local to you to get a quick response time?

-          Have they trained engineers?

-          Do their engineers have parts kit in their car kits to be able to fix your machine ASAP


Each business is as individual as you and Copy Print treat all our customers in this way. We have 100’s of local businesses that we currently support. For a free no obligation print audit which will provide you with a full report and possible savings based on your individual business needs then get in touch on 01204 689672.





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