What's it like to be an apprentice in 2014?
14th March 2016
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I'm Ellie, I'm 16 years old and as its National Apprentice Week, I've decided to write a blog about my experience being an apprentice. I am an apprentice for thebestof Bolton. In this blog I will explain why I chose to go down this route and what I love about it!

Back in 2010 I did my work experience with Gaynor and David at thebestof Bolton and I absolutely loved it, being in school I always knew that I wanted to go down the administration route as I really enjoyed things like that. From doing work experience I realised that I wanted to get out into the working world as soon as I could.

I sent off applications to a number of colleges, and went for an interview at Bolton College. The interview was fantastic, everyone there was lovely and they had such a wide range of things to offer although everything about the college was fantastic I knew college wasn't right for me, even though it would have still been an apprenticeship I didn't like the idea of day release and wanted to just keep on working.

As I sent off an application to Alliance Learning I was so happy with what they offered, I would be working five days a week doing the job that I would love and learning whilst earning money at the same time, which I must say is great, especially if you love shopping like me!

Whilst I was still at school I went to the Alliance Learning awards night at MBDA with Gaynor and David, It was fantastic. There was a whole number of apprentices there, and hearing their own stories I knew I definitely wanted to do it!

I left school with 12 GCSE's and I knew I could have carried on and went to college and university maybe but I knew it wasn't for me. Instead I got a job with Gaynor and David at thebestof Bolton and so far, I'm loving it! Being able to have my own money there when I need it is fantastic, so fantastic Ive saved enough money so that I'll probably be able to start driving as soon as possible!

Its great doing the job I do, I'm starting to establish myself with other businesses in Bolton and I know now that I'm on the right track in life. Working life is fantastic, getting to work with customers on a day to day basis is great, and I definitely wouldn't change it. It definitely feels like a real job and I know that I have a great future ahead of me now and as for my tutor Ann at Alliance Learning, she's fantastic and she's always there to help whenever I need her.

If you're looking for an apprenticeship, I totally recommend it.Alliance Learning is a fantastic apprenticeship provider. 

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Hey I'm Ellie, I am an apprentice for thebestof Bolton. I love all things Bolton and I'm looking forward to working with our members.

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