What is wealth management? Bridgewater Wealth Management explain!
26th May 2015
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In short, it is helping people to construct an investment portfolio so as to prepare for present and future needs. Other tasks performed by Wealth Managers may be to advise businesses or private individuals on how to get the best out of their hard earned money.

Business people may need advice and direction with regards to organising: workplace pensions, a potential nightmare for the unwary, reducing corporation tax liability, maximise profit extraction, work toward financial independence, and deal with many other issues relating to business ownership.

For personal clients much is done to help with their personal financial situation; making sense of the best of pensions for you (very important now that people are gaining access to their own pension pots!), general good housekeeping of your wealth and financial security for the long term.

Bridgewater Wealth Management offer advice that is right for you, placing emphasis on the person not the money.

Bridgewater Wealth Management are Chartered Financial Planners, who are backed by the FTSE 100 Company offering a unique advice guarantee.

Bridgewater Wealth Management pride themselves on providing REAL Financial Planning - placing the person at the center of what they offer rather than products, unlike Traditional Advisors. They call this innovative new approach ‘Lifestyle Financial Planning’. They engage in a relationship with clients to tell them the truth about money.


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