What is vibration white finger?
7th May 2014
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Below is an infographic by the team at Johnson Law about vibration white finger, namely what it is, what causes it and ways you can prevent yourself from developing it in the future. However, if you're already suffering and think you may be entitled to a compensation claim, call the team at Johnson Law on 01204 684015.

Johnson Law know that vibration white finger can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, so they will make sure they treat your claim with empathy and understanding. They’ll pursue a claim against your employer’s insurance and then you’ll receive compensation for the condition, your pain and any medical costs you’ll encounter in the future, as well as loss of earnings and possible rehabilitation costs.

Johnson Law Solicitors can help you make a claim for vibration white finger. They have over 50 years’ experience in the personal injury sector and have a dedicated team waiting to help you. Over the years they have successfully negotiated thousands of vibration white finger claims for thousands of clients. 

Remember, Johnson Law deal with every kind of personal injury claim, so pick up the phone and call one of their specialist team on 01204 684015. 

Vibration white finger currently affects around 300,000 people in the UK, but potentially 2,000,000 people are at risk of developing the condition in years to come. People who work with high impact machinery and power tools are particularly at risk. Employers all have a duty of care to protect you and ensure you’re aware of current health and safety issues. 

Your employer should protect you throughout your time working with the company, by providing you with suitable clothing, e.g. if you are exposed to the cold you are wearing the right uniform and if you are using tools, you must be properly trained on them and are using the right ones for the job. Those using chain saws, lawn mowers, sanders, pneumatic drills, jack hammers and sanders are particularly at risk. 

The employer must make sure you take frequent breaks too. If they don’t do any of this, and you suffering from vibration white finger or related disease, you could be entitled to make a compensation claim againist your employers insurance.    

Sometimes the symptoms are reversible, but often there is permanant damage, and in very rare cases, a visit to the hospital may be required, especially if the finger becomes ulcerated or gangrenated. 

Home visits from the team at Johnson Law are often available, and they will try and arrange an appointment team that suits you.  

So make you look through the infographic Johnson Law have created below, as it features some statistics on vibration white finger, and treatment, support and recovery.  





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