Do you want more miles to the gallon, and save money on your fuel?
13th June 2016
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Car engines need a spring clean just like any other product, and it makes excellent sense for all motorists in a number of ways. Vehicles are expensive enough to run; cars for work and pleasure and other vehicles for business.

Fuel costs continue to rise, inefficient engines use more fuel to go the same distances, performance is adversely affected, whereas taking positive steps to improve matters is truly cost effective.

Earls Farm Garage specialise in offering TerraClean de carbonising to their customers. Earls Farm Garage are the Number 1 local TerraClean agent.

So what is TerraClean all about?

TerraClean is a decarbonisation process using state of the art technology to clean engines. Oil product burning engines become inefficient due to carbon deposits coating operating surfaces.  The carbonisation of surfaces will reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of engines if it is not removed. TerraClean is a specialist cleaning service performed by Earls Farm Garage that will improve the vehicles performance in every way.

Regaining performance on cars etc., where the car has been pre-owned maybe or has not been deep cleaned in a while. By removing the carbon deposits, the engine performance can be restored to its former glory resulting in restored catalogue level performance and more, and you will not need quite so much accelerator to achieve the same speeds. High performance cars in particular will only give of their best when given a de carb regularly. Business cars can benefit too, where doing a de carb will improve fuel efficiency; and has the additional benefit of removing the need for changing cars so often. Even the family ruin about will benefit from a de carb.

Reducing emissions, and improving the carbon footprint of the vehicle is most important for all users, especially business users. The push for zero emissions is augmented by having more fuel efficient cars on the road. De carbonising correctly will improve emissions by ensuring fuel is burned more efficiently thereby reducing smelly exhaust products.

Restore fuel consumption, (mpg). TerraClean will help restore mpg to factory data. A congested engine has to work harder to move the car, so removing the carbon deposits will allow free flow of fuel and less need for acceleration.

Earls Farm Garage is a full vehicle servicing garage offering motor engineering to local people, the firm is very customer friendly and has a great reputation amongst its customers, many of whom have placed testimonials on their web site. Customers wanting to give their car engine a Spring Clean with TerraClean should contact them to ask for details.

If you would like any more information about the TerraClean service that Earls Farm Garage offer, give them a call on 07711 392357

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