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17th December 2014
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Just Tuck In are Bolton's one stop shop for all things Sushi. You may say they are Sushi experts but what exactly is sushi and why is it loved by so many?

Often sushi is mistaken for raw fish and this is one of the main reasons many people are put off eating sushi. Raw Fish is actually sashimi and is not the same as Sushi.

Sushi could contain raw fish but also contains rice and seasonings as well as other products and there are many sushi dishes that don't contain raw fish and in actual fact have items such as vegetables, cooked seafood and more.

Sushi was first made in south East Asia and comes from words meaning 'sour tasting' but of course this is not representative of modern day, contemporary sushi.

The sushi we know and love now was created by Hanaya Yohei and was considered an early form of fast food that was no longer fermented and so prepared quickly and conveniently and could be eaten with the hands. 

There are many kinds of sushi and suffice to say there is a type of sushi to suit every taste.

Just Tuck In offer a whole range of sushi platters suitable for any event. They can also supply a range of sushi for you to resell to your customers.

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