What is Reflexology by Bolton Therapy Centre
22nd August 2013
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Have you visited Bolton Therapy Centre for a soothing reflexology massage yet? It’s world reflexology week between the 22nd and 29th September so what better time than to raise the awareness of this wonderful treatment that Bolton Therapy Centre offer.

Bolton Therapy Centre only work with experienced and trained reflexologists, who can give you reflex therapy for your feet, hands and other parts of your body. It feels incredibly relaxing. Plus, it will help a number of ailments feel better without you having any invasive procedures. Many people have found reflexology very effective, although individual results vary from person to person.

By applying pressure to the different parts of the body it can get rid of stress and remove any tensions in the body too. It can help with conditions like insomnia, migraines, back pain and stress.

Reflexology originates from the days of Ancient Egypt although it wasn’t till the 1930’s that it became the treatment we know today.

Reflexology isn’t the only treatment that Bolton Therapy Centre offer. They also provide acupuncture, physiotherapy and other homeopathy treatments. If you’re suffering from a musculoskeletal injury, then Bolton Therapy Centre’s treatments can help. Give them a ring on 01204 689679 to find out how they can help you and ease your suffering. 

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