What is OFSTED?
28th October 2016
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OFSTED is the The Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills. It is a non-ministerial department of the HM Government, reporting to Parliament via the Department for Education.

Much has been written about OFSTED by its supporters and by its detractors. Scare stories abound about teachers living in terror of their visits and the implied threat to careers. However, the purpose of the exercise is ‘Raising standards, improving lives’ and those teachers and associated persons who have embraced the OFSTED ethos have indeed raised standards in Education, improved career prospects for the ‘good’ teachers and carers who have used the improvements to increase the quality of their ministrations.

So, what has OFSTED to do with Nurseries?

Children have the capacity to learn through positive guidance, or they can be left to their own devices meaning that some will prosper and the majority may not. By raising standards in Nurseries all of the most vulnerable young minds can be set on a far better course through good quality guided learning by well trained and motivated people.

OFSTED Providers are required to meet conditions laid down by OFSTED at all times when providing registered care, not just for the purpose of achieving OFSTED registration. It is an offence not to meet conditions unless the provider has a reasonable excuse.

Following registration OFSTED will inspect the organisation to ensure that standards are being maintained. The best Nurseries view their OFSTED registration as a badge of honour that shows they are serving their young charges correctly through play learning, social interaction, and preparation for eventual school life, all delivered in an empathetic way to support their development.

Following the inspection Nurseries and Schools will receive a report and an evaluation – a grade showing their achievement, or in some cases remedial action may be taken to raise standards.

OFSTED do reserve the right to withdraw registration where an organisation falls way below the required standard.

Why does all this matter?

It matters greatly because Nursery is the first step in the education process of a child. Guided learning using art, music, song, dance, outdoor fun, indoor fun, messy play and group activities that some children will never have experienced before, is used to encourage learning and socialisation. Because every parent wants their child to do well in school and in life, by choosing the best Nursery they can make it happen. An OFSTED Nursery is a safe stimulating environment in which children can grow and develop safely and positively. Because they are OFSTED registered the operators of the Nursery have demonstrated their commitment to excellence, this is a badge of honour that is guarded well and that helps to maintain or improve the standard even more.

OFSTED is a power for good.

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