What is Glaucoma? Justin Kellett Opticians Explain
29th January 2016
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Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness, yet understanding and awareness of the disease remains surprisingly low. In January, ophthalmic experts discussed the ins and outs of Glaucoma as part of Glaucoma Awareness Month.

Glaucoma is the eye disease that has been nicknamed the ‘sneak thief of sight’ thanks to its insidious nature. The World Health Organisation estimates that over 60 million people worldwide have glaucoma, while 4.5 million of those are blind as a result of the disease. There are two main types of glaucoma; the most common type of the disease is chronic open-angle glaucoma (primary) that develops very slowly, while secondary glaucoma occurs as a result of an eye injury or another eye condition that contributes to increased eye pressure, resulting in optic nerve damage and vision loss. 

Although the most common forms of glaucoma primarily affect the middle-aged and the elderly, glaucoma can affect people of all ages. According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, the disease is most likely to affect those who have a family history of glaucoma, diabetes or severe eye trauma, as well as those of African, Asian and Hispanic descent.  

To prevent the development of Glaucoma, people are urged to participate in yearly, comprehensive eye exams . Taking note of the following preventative methods can also help to delay the disease:

  • Eat foods rich with Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Omega 3, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Zinc.
  • Quit smoking and lower your alcohol and caffeine intake.
  • Put the 20/20/20 rule into action; when working on a computer, take a twenty-second break every twenty minutes to prevent eye strain. 
  • Wear sunglasses with full UV protection all-year-round. 

Glaucoma can be treated with eye drops, laser treatment or surgery to lower the pressure in the eyes, control the condition and minimise any further damage. Early diagnosis is key, however, since any damage to the eyes cannot be reversed. 

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