What Is A Wet Room, P&D Heating and Bathrooms Explain
15th December 2014
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We all want a perfect bathroom but these days more and more of us are looking for that unusual solution and a wet room is just that.

P & D Heating and Bathrooms Ltd  are installing more and more wetrooms these days to meet the needs of busy family lives. Here they explain what exactly one is and how it can benefit your family.

What is a wet room?

A wet room is great as instead of having a closed in shower which you have to try and fit in a designated space, the room itself becomes the enclosure. 

Having a wet room does mean that the room has to be fully water proof but means you dont have the added expense of selecting shower screens etc.

Why are they popular?

A wet room is great for small bathrooms. They can really help you when space is at a premium as you don't have a fixed cubical. They are also hugely popular for those people with mobility issues as they eliminate the need to step into a bath or even step into a shower cubical. You can simply walk in or if you were in a wheel chair, you can wheel in.

So what are the downsides?

So, as it is a wet room, you need to think carefully about the things you may have around in the bathroom especially if it is a small space such as toilet roll and towels. This is easily resolved by keeping them stored away but it is something to consider.

There may be additional cost of tiling as most wet rooms have floor to ceiling tiles however these days most bathrooms regardless of whether or not they are a wet room, are fully tiled anyhow.

So there we have it, a brief insight into wet rooms and why you may want one in your home. Why not have a chat with P & D Heating and Bathrooms Ltd who can go through all your options for a main bathroom or even as an en-suite.

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