What is a disabled access bathroom?
23rd November 2016
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Having easy access to bathroom facilities may be something that most people take for granted, but not so for people with a disability. 

Most homes and their facilities are built to a standard pattern that might actually work against someone with a disability, effectively leaving them marooned.

There is no need to allow this to happen, with some planning and the help of a professional bathroom designer having a bathroom suitable for a person with disabilities can be made easier, and without compromising on style and comfort.

P & D Heating and Bathrooms Ltd of Bolton is a local company that specialises in all aspects of Bathrooms for people living with disabilities.

Having a bathroom that can be accessed, having shower that can be used with ease regardless of the person’s disability, a means of entering a bath for people who cannot otherwise get into and out of it, are all issues that can be addressed with some expert advice and guidance.

So, what can P and D Heating and Bathrooms offer?

P and D Heating and Bathrooms believe that there is a perfect bathroom for anyone whether they have a problem or two or not. The solution to most problems is one of design, and having access to experts who use empathy when they are designing, installing and supplying the end product is excellent.

P and D Heating and Bathrooms is a local specialist supplier with well over 30 years’ experience, their team is well qualified, the Company is a Gas Safe organisation, and it puts the customer’s special requirements first and is well recommended as the best in the business.

The Company can supply:

Bath Safety Aids, from a rubber type mat for the bottom of the bath or shower to aid grip to grab handles and rails mounted firmly onto a wall, and more ideas that make good sense.

Bath seats for those who cannot lie or sit down without support, or a bath/lift hoist to help the user get into or out of the bath.

Specially designed Bath to allow easy access and egress, walk in tubs.

Shower cubicles that are easy to get into and out again with a walking support, controls at a height that a seated person can reach easily and non-slip seats to allow showering whilst seated. Controls that can be used by an unsighted person.

Adapted toilets with raised seating, supports, and enough room for a person to turn around or have access using a wheel-chair or walking-frame.

The management and staff at P and D Heating and Bathrooms Ltd are happy to supply free advice, surveys and quotations for people wishing to adapt a bathroom with a person with disability in mind.


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