What is a Chai Tea Latte? Room Four Dessert Explain!
17th December 2014
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Have you ever had a Chai Tea Latte? Do you even know what one is? Well we didn’t really so we asked Room Four Dessert and they explained to us!

To put in as simple form as possible -

"A Chai Tea Latte is a milky tea beverage which is made by brewing black tea with a mixture of spices and herbs such as cardamom and cinnamon."

Many people prefer the taste of tea over coffee so adding the chai spices make the tea taste even better.

Did you know? You can also get Chai Tea Lattes in a range of different flavours? We didn’t! But Room Four Dessert are currently offering vanilla, spiced, mango and a festive peppermint!

Even if you’re not a fan of tea you should definitely give Chai Lattes a go! Especially as there’s so many benefits:

  • You’d have to drink three cups of chai tea to achieve the same amount of caffeine as a single cup of coffee making it so much healthier for you.
  • The black tea in Chai Tea is full of antioxidants and the spices have been used for years to promote general health and well-being – and they can treat various ailments.
  • Plus, the spices are considered to be calming so the perfect antidote to the day to day stress!

If you’d like to find out more information about Room Four Dessert give them a call on 01204 876756 or please click here

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