What has Bolton got for us? By Erin Olive
12th December 2013
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Bolton is a great place to visit from it shopping centres to it sculptures in the town centre. It the one of the best places in the Bolton and Manchester area for pictures. You can get well educated there too because there is a library and a museum like place. You can read and learn. We need to make this an advantage because just imagine if we couldn't read or write like many countries.

There's so much on offer for you. If you come to Bolton for the shopping bit there's so many shops you can buy what you need and are looking for. There a whole shopping centre full of different shops with food establishments too, outside shops and then the markets to get fresh food or good things for goof prices. The shops are named like Boots, BHE, JD, New Look, Poundland etc.

However if you don't like shopping either and you like the physical things - sporty things hen you can go and watch a game or games of football at the famous Reebok Stadium and see the Bolton Wanderers play. The atmosphere is amazing there from the actual football game to the singing and dancing. You cant miss it, it just isn't right. Make sure you get there and see the game.

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My name is Erin Olive, I am 14 years old and I go to St James’ C.E School I am not from Bolton, but because I go to school in Bolton I am here a lot so therefore I am going to tell you what it has to offer...

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