What is Renewable Energy? BHE Renewables explains
22nd March 2013
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BHE Renewables explain exactly what is meant by renewable energy, where it comes from, what fossil fuels are and why renewable energy is good for the environment. 

Renewable energy is energy made from resources that will be replaced naturally, like the wind and water. It is sometimes referred to as green energy because it doesn’t cause any pollution. This is unlike fossil fuels like coal and natural gas that originate in the ground, and cause vast amounts of damage to the earth’s atmosphere.

At the moment the majority of our energy for electrics and petrol comes from fossil fuels. But once they’ve been used, they can never be replaced.

There are five sources of renewable energy; wind, geothermal, biomass, hydro and solar.

Wind popular is arguably the most popular type of renewable energy around at the moment. The three blades of the wind turbine use moving air to power an electric generator which in turn powers an electric current.

Solar power is using energy from the sun as a heat or energy source.

Hydro power is energy made from water.

Biomass is a way of making energy from burning products and materials, such as crops and cow manure.

The geysers of Iceland are examples of geothermal energy. It is basically energy produced from heat or steam, which often comes from deep within the earth’s crust.

We don’t use renewable energy all the time because we can’t store the sun and wind to make more energy. If it is a calm day then there won’t be enough wind for wind power, and if the sun doesn’t come out there won’t be enough solar power available to power everyone’s house or business.

Renewable energy is more expensive to produce then coal and natural gas, and people don’t want to pay more money for their monthly fuel bills. However the benefits to the environment and to future generations make it a worthwhile investment to have solar panels fitted on a building for example.

Based in Bolton for over 40 years, BHE Renewables are specialists in providing these renewable energy solutions for home owners and businesses across the North West. Contact them today to find out how they could work for your business or house on 01204 450450

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