What does the new living wage mean for you?
16th March 2016
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The Government is committed to increasing the Living Wage every year.

Employers please, note that from April 2016, all workers aged 25 and over are legally entitled to at least £7.20 per hour.

Q, What’s included when calculating the National Living Wage?

A, There are a number of elements including tax and national insurance contributions, wage advances or loans, the type of work your employee does and your method of payment to them.

Q, How do I find out who’s eligible for the National Living Wage?

A, It’s everyone 25 or older who’s already eligible for the National Minimum Wage. That generally means everyone who isn’t self-employed.

Q, Who can help me register my company and run payroll?      

A, HMRC’s videos and online seminars are full of useful information.

Q, I’m an apprentice. How much should I be getting?

A, It depends on your age and which year of your apprenticeship you’re in. Talk to your employer and then if necessary check further details at National Minimum Wage on the National Minimum wage web site.

Q, As the National Living Wage doesn’t start till April 2016, what should I be paid till then?

A, You must still be paid the National Minimum Wage at the present rate.

Q, I don’t get a payslip to check what I’m paid. What should I do?

A, Check if you’re entitled to a payslip. If you’re entitled but don’t get one, talk to Acas.

Q, My employer pays for my accommodation. Does this change what I should receive?

A, It can, depending on whether your employer charges you for that accommodation. Find details on the GOV.UK accommodation page.

Q, I’m paid per task or piece of work done. How do I work out what I should be paid?

A, You still have to be paid a fair wage based on the National Living Wage and how long, on average, it should take to do the work. GOV.UK has more details on piecework.

Q, I’m under 25. How much should I be getting?

A, The amount will depend on your age, but you must still be paid the National Minimum Wage if you are under 25.


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