What does it mean when my dentist reads out numbers?
14th April 2014
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When you visit the dentist you’ll probably hear your nurse or dentist calling out different numbers. But what do they all mean? Synergy Dental have the answer!

Your dentist is checking for many things when you go for a check-up, and not just the obvious. They’ll check the health of your gums, assess your jaw joint and teeth, screen you for oral cancer and check your mouth, neck, lips, lymph nodes and more for any sign of problems.

Whilst your Synergy dentist is looking at your gums, they’ll use a special probe with markings on it. The dentist will put this probe as far down your gum as they can, and then use the special probe to record a score from where the markings end up.

Everybody will get a score between 0 and 4; 4 is the worst and 0 means your gums are perfectly healthy and anything over 3 is classed as gum disease (gingivitis.) Usually your gums get more unhealthy the more the probe travels.

There are ways you can improve your score and stop yourself from getting gingivitis. These include flossing daily and brushing your teeth correctly.

When you have your next dental appointment with synergy Dental, keep an ear out for your score and so you’ll know exactly how healthy your gums are.  

Call Synergy Dental on 01204 684037 to make your appointment. 

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