What does a graphic designer like Red Chilli Design, Bolton do to create good branding for businesses?
25th July 2013
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It’s not easy to find the right designer for your branding and design work. Companies that don’t use Red Chilli Design for their website design may well use someone who is less expensive but without the experience that Red Chilli has. That person might be a whizz with social media and has some experience with web design, but do they have tools Red Chill have? I’m sure in many cases the website will stay up and running for a long time, but a few odd businesses will see their website full apart due to bad coding. Links don’t go anywhere and pictures look blurred and fuzzy. This is where Red Chilli come in.

Another time you might hire a big multinational advertising and media agency to completely overhaul your branding and internet presence. Then you realise your website is just one of many hundreds of clients they have. You don’t know when they’ll get round to doing your website and they haven’t even told you how you can update it once they’ve finished with it. Again, Red Chilli can step in again.

Red Chilli are the middle ground between the small designer and the enormous company. They will take the time to find out exactly when you want to achieve from the design, and consult with you throughout the process. Red Chilli will do the job, but in a highly trained and professional way. They’ll speak to you in person and offer tips and support with design, logos and websites, meaning you can increase your knowledge of online marketing too.

Red Chilli Design have been running for 12 years, so they have fountains of knowledge to share. Furthermore they have another 9 years in agency experience. That equates to over 20 years’ worth of information gained and skills learnt and refined.

Here at thebestof Bolton we’ve used Red Chilli to design our Handy Blue Book, so we’ve seen first-hand how talented they are. 

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