What does a boiler service include?
1st July 2014
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Regular servicing is an important part of maintaining your household appliances, and never more so than when it comes to your boiler. 

What does a boiler service involve?

First up, most boiler engineers recommend annual servicing as being adequate for the majority of household boilers.  The professional doing the boiler service should be Gas Safe Registered.

A boiler service will involve;

Visual inspection

A visual check that establishes that the boiler, its installation and its positioning, comply with the rules laid out in building regulations, electrical regulations, gas-safety regulations, installation instructions and British Standards.

Gas Safety Test

Gas tightness test to check the integrity of the gas pipework, this test will check for any escapes of gas on the pipework from your gas meter to the appliances in your property.

Boiler turned on to check for running faults

This part of the boiler service is the pre-service check. To do this the engineer will fire up the boiler, check the basic operation and identify any initial faults.  A gas pressure check will also ensure your boiler is operating at the correct gas pressure.

Your boiler casing will be removed to check the functioning of its main components.

At this point the main components will be examined to see they are clean and free from damage.  These components include the main burner, the main injector, the heat exchanger, condensate trap, the spark centre probe and the seals and fans.

The inspection will also include checking your boiler for corrosion and leaks.  As time goes on components inside a boiler will degrade, a visual inspection is carried out to ensure the safety of working parts. 

Also part of this section of the boiler service is the checking of all electrics for overheating, the cleaning of all inside surfaces, inspecting all pipe work (water & gas) and joints, and very importantly, making sure the flue terminal is unobstructed, a flue test will ensure that no unsafe emissions are being released from your boiler, this is done using a gas analyser.

If any of these tests show a fault, the engineer will inform you of any additional costs that the repairs will incur.

Your boiler’s casing will be put back on and properly sealed.

Your boiler casing is put back on and the service report is completed.


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