What causes high blood pressure and how do you lower it? The Kerala Ayurveda Centre explain.
7th January 2014
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High blood pressure is something that many people suffer from. However, many more people don’t know how to decrease their blood pressure, what causes high blood pressure in the first place and how you can lower the risk of developing it.

There are many different causes of blood pressure including

  • Bad diet

  • Little or no exercise

  • Stress

  • Hypertension


Therefore if you enjoy a healthy diet, take regular exercise and make sure what you do eat is nutritious you can help to lower your blood pressure. If you don’t treat high blood pressure it can lead to other, more serious health complaints like a heart attack or a stroke. At Kerala Ayurveda, they advise you to have your blood pressure checked regularly.

Cholesterol is one of the biggest causes of high blood pressure. If you have high cholesterol you’ll probably have high blood pressure too. This is because fat deposits produce cholesterol which coats the walls of the arteries.

Eventually fatty acids are formed in a hard plate that restricts the flow of blood through them and decreases the size of the artery. The same amount of blood as before is still trying to pass though the artery though, therefore your blood pressure increases.

If you try and cut down on your sugar and alcohol intake then this can also lower your blood pressure, since if there is extra glucose in your blood it can cause it to thicken, so therefore have less sugar and alcohol and your blood pressure should improve.

Exercise is arguably one of the best ways to reduce blood pressure, but exercise such as weightlifting and high intensive cardio training are not the best choice of exercise for high blood pressure sufferers.  The experts at the Kerala Ayurveda Centre can advise you on the best choice of exercise for you.

Why not try some light cardio exercises or low impact exercise instead? This can help you lose weight, decrease your cholesterol level and therefore change your blood pressure for the better. Yoga and Pilates are an example of light exercise that reduce blood pressure naturally. They are also really good for your heart.

By following these simple ideas you can keep your blood pressure levels at a healthy rate.

One of the services available at Kerala Ayurveda is a free consultation where you can find out more about controlling your blood pressure. 

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