What can I do with the awards I’ve won?
14th March 2014
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You've won an award? Fantastic! But what are you going to do with it, there's no point of winning an award and it just sitting there, embrace it and do something with it, this blog will give you some ideas of what to do with it!


Winning an award is great for your business, but it's not great if you don't do anything with it, here are some great ideas.

We've recently had the Local and Loved Campaign and we had 19 first place winners, 12 second place, 9 third place, 4 fourth place and 1 fifth place, our winners have been displaying their awards in fantastic ways which you can see at the bottom of the blog.

Shout about it! Believe it or not, social media is one of the most important and useful tools for your business. I bet your competitors are on it? Shout about your awards on your social media platforms and make sure people know what a great business you are.

Put it on your letterheads and emails, I bet you email or send a letter out to at least one person every day? You have more chance of earning business if you put your award on them, as more people will see it!

Put it on your website! Now this is a great idea, your customers will probably do some research before they use your services, and that means going to your website, make sure you have your awards clearly for them to see!

Write blogs about it! Writing blogs is such a great thing to do and is one of the most important to. Once you've wrote your blog you can feature it on your website and also on your social media platforms!

Send it to local press and trade journals, I bet if you send your awards to local press and trade journals it will be seen by potential customers, don't miss out on the perfect opportunity.

I hope you will take up some of these ideas and get your awards out there for everyone to see!

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