What bird will you choose for your Christmas dinner this year?
28th November 2016
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As Christmas approaches it is once again time to start planning for the celebration meal on the 25th December. For many people tradition is set and there will be no doubt about what the Christmas lunch will include.

However, for some people, not bound by the same tradition may be wondering about having something different this year. For some turkey is a bit dry, some people enjoy a joint of pork or some other main item for their special lunch.

The key to any celebration meal is to make sure that whatever the meat part of the meal is as fresh as possible and that it is sourced from a reputable dealer.

Frasers Butchers are experts in what is best for their customers, their meat is fresh and locally sourced – no carbon footprint here.

Here are the types of birds which you can choose for your Christmas table:

Turkey is No1 on most people’s list. A variety of sizes are available, no need to have an oven buster unless feeding a lot of hungry teenagers. The birds are easy to cook, lovely when fresh from the oven and will eat up cold on Boxing Day. The main feature of turkey is the sweetness of the meat, plus turkey is low in cholesterol – so long as you don’t baste it with butter. It is possible to buy part turkeys now, either breast meat off the bone and rolled with the stuffing included, or turkey crowns, for smaller appetites.

Geese are the next favourite and were traditional before turkey took over. Butchers will advise on the recommended size and will also advise on cooking process. It is worth adding that a goose will produce a great deal of fat, goose fat is excellent for roasting potatoes with. The meat of a goose is somewhat darker than it is on a turkey, but if cooked well this is a very tasty alternative.

Chickens are popular throughout the year now. Many people pick one up with the shopping for a quick meal. However, for people who are not feeding large numbers of diners, a chicken makes an excellent choice. Chicken is easy to cook, takes less time than a turkey or goose, and if cooked well is just as delicious. Suggestion; rather than the ‘normal’ supermarket chicken why not pop into Frasers Butchers and ask for one of their fresh chickens. There are varying sizes of chickens, some almost as big as a smaller turkey, some much smaller. The meat is sweet and eats well when cold.

There are other meats that are enjoyable at Christmas, presently it is possible to buy duck, guinea fowl, plus other meats, including venison. Frasers can advise as to what to buy and how to cook it to perfection.

Whatever is chosen, careful cooking, and sumptuous supporting vegetables and trimmings, should make for a perfect Christmas dinner. Enjoy.

If you would like any more information about Frasers Butchers, give them a call on 01204 523278

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