What are the different types of flower bouquets?
14th April 2014
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You might think that choosing a bouquet of flowers from Occasion Flowers would be simple, as you’d probably think there’s only one type of bouquet to choose from. But you’d be wrong. In actual fact there are several different types of bouquet available, so here’s a rundown of the 8 most popular.

1)      The Posy. Always a favourite with brides to be, it’s a smaller, circular bouquet tied together with ribbons.

2)      The Composite. A composite is a combination of different buds and petals on one stem.

3)      The Hand-Tied. The hand-tied bouquet is a very traditional and simple choice, because it’s a think bunch of flowers held together loosely.

4)      The Pompander. The pompander is a popular choice for flower girls. It is a ball shape covered in flowers and is tied together with a ribbon.

5)      The Round. The round bouquet is similar to a hand-tied one. The only difference is it’s more squashed together and held together by ribbon.

6)      The Cascade. A cascade bouquet looks like a waterfall of flowers; the flowers are held in place by either a holder or are hand-tied and then fall down softly.

7)      The Pageant. The pageant is similar to the cascade, the only change is it’s arranged and pulled tighter together.

8)        The Nosegay. A nosegay is a compact group of flowers, arranged close together and all cut to the same length.

Remember Occasion Flowers are always here to advise you on different types of flowers and bouquets

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